Raspberry Pi Setup

I live in Northern California and it is wildfire season. Increasingly, this means poor air quality even in cities. With COVID (don’t go indoors!) and wildfires (don’t go outdoors!) — there was really nowhere else to go besides my own apartment. That of course meant that it was time for…

In my previous thought experiments on “Can we use digital health to drive behavior change?” I’ve focused on wearables in the context of healthy people without underlying conditions. My BMI is in the ‘healthy’ range. I have no underlying conditions. Yes, I should probably definitely run more and drink less…

[Written in 2016 in relation to my first tech job — still accurate in 2020.]

I realize there are numerous blog posts on transitions from academia to industry, but each individual’s experience adds value to the narrative.

Since making my transition to industry, I’ve received numerous questions from current PhD…

Kimberly McManus

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